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Real Estate investments in residential and commercial compounds. Kingdom City is a city with an attitude where life style is at its best. Designed to reflect the textures, the hues, of nearly surrounding desert; it also conveys a sense of casual elegance, with generous measures of flair. Consisting of 333 living accommodations and being strategically located, kingdom city provides everything from luxury four bedroom Villas with private pools to studios and guesthouses with all the facilities and amenities one would expect.

Saks offers the finest designer collections for men and women, as well as accessories, cosmetics and home furnishings, all supported by highly personalized customer relationships. With modern energy and great fashion authority, Saks Fifth Avenue pays tribute to – and continues to enhance a rich legacy of exceptional style and service.

The East podium facing Olaya street from the Kingdom center, and one of the most important malls in the middle east and most sophisticated in design, which hold under its roof the best brands around the world. Al mamlaka has a dedicated full floor for ladies only, to give a privacy and comfort to its guests. Moreover, its includes prestigious offices, the four seasons hotel, and celebrations halls. Specialized in women, men and children's wear and accessories, foot wear and leather goods, perfumes and jewelry.

In the frame of the policy of the inter-arabical cooperation which consists to encourage the investments of Arabic founds in the Arabian world on the basic of common interests, the Tunisia-Saudi Arabian Immobility Company has been created to crown this cooperation and the participation in the realizations of the foreseen urbanistic programs into the plan of the economical and social development of the Tunisian state. Among these goals, the Tunisian-Saudi Arabian immobiliary company: The immobiliary promotion, buying, sales, rent and construction of grounds and immobiliaries destined for living and for commercial and touristic activities, in Tunisia and abroad. The equipment and construction of grounds mainly destined for living. The buying and sale, participation, exchange, demolition, construction in general of all immobiliary goods. Generally financial, commercial, industrial, immobiliary and mobiliary operations which are directly or indirectly bound with the goal of the company. The Tunisian-Saoudi Arabian immobiliary company has been found on January 4,1985. The capital is distributed among Saudi Arabian Busunessmen.(70%) The Tunisian Saudi Arabian company of investment and development (STUSID).(30%)

Les pecheries is a Tunisian company that is specialized in the Fish industry.

MG International Diamond tools is a company specialized in Diamond Disc cutting machines located in Lebanon.

Kayan Petrochemical Company
Is a petrochemical company investing in the commercial, agricultural, real estate, and industrial projects including petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries. Moreover, the company produces also Ethylene, Propylene, Benzene, Cymene, Phenol, Acetone, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Ethylene Glycol, Biphenyl Amine Ethanol, Amine Methanol and their derivatives (Bimethylformamid, Choline Chloride, methyl bi-ethanol amid, bi-methyl ethanol amine) Ethoxyls and other products. Also, importing/ exporting and marketing of industrial and petrochemical products in and out of the Kingdom.

Solutions the Hospitality Industry
Is a leading Saudi company specialized in the Hospitality industry Solutions. It is dedicated to provide total hospitality solutions for hotels &resorts and human resources training & development. Its specialized expertise lies under:

• Hotels & Resorts
• Hotel & Resorts Management
• Clients Representation
• Assets Management
• Technical Assistance
• Operation Audits
• Feasibility Studies of potential products
• Financial and Legal studies
• Fire, Life and Safety compliance study
• Human Resources Training and Development

Arabian Company for Water Pipe Industry Ltd.
Arabian Company for Water Pipe Industry (Acwapipe) is recognized as one of the leading industrial organization that manufacturers' quality water, sewage and industrial pipe systems.

Ceramic Pipes Company
Ceramic Pipes Company has been established in 2007 as Saudi Joint Venture Limited Company, in accordance with, The Ministry of Commerce & Industries (Riyadh). The factory is located on an area of 100,000 m2 at the Third Industrial City (New Saniya), Al-Kharj Rd, South of Riyadh.
Products of Ceramic Pipes Company are made by latest modern manufacturing technology which are controlled by fully automated computer systems, satisfying the local and international markets with demands of pipes and fittings.

Petra Aluminum Co. Ltd.
Petra Aluminum Company is a regional fabricator of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel products that include windows, doors, curtain walls, balustrade canopies and other architectural metal elements. While operating in the construction industry, we service middle-to-upper niche markets in various sectors from industrial and commercial to private residences.

Astra Mining Co.
Founded in 2011, Astra Mining is a limited liability company with a capital of 1 million Saudi riyals.
The company was established to explore for ores and minerals within the kingdom and establish the factories to process them. The company is still in the process of exploration and studying available opportunities until now.

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